School Dinners

Our school meals are provided by Orion who prides itself on producing good quality meals from fresh ingredients.

All children in years Reception to Two are entitled to a free school meal under the government Universal Infant Free School Meals programme, and the cost of school meals for children in years Three to Six is £2.25 per day.

We encourage all children to try school meals. They can choose from a selection of hot and cold dishes, as well as sandwiches, and we periodically hold themed days often coinciding with national celebrations, festivals and events. Fresh fruit is available daily. It is not necessary for parents and carers to commit to having school meals for a set or minimum period, children can take school meals or bring a packed lunch from home on a daily basis.

Parents and Carers can pre-order school meals in advance using our Lunch Shop system or children can order in the classroom each morning. When meals are pre-ordered from home your choices cannot be overridden by your child in school. We request that, where possible, meals are ordered in advance so that we can meet everyone’s choice. If you or your child change your mind about having a dinner or your child is absent you must cancel the meal by 9:30am to avoid being charged. Activation codes are available on request from the school office.

Payment for school meals should be made using the Lunch Shop online system. Activation codes are available on request from the school office. Please note that from October 2018 we will be unable to accept cash or cheques for school meals. School meals are payable by Monday for the week ahead, or on the day for ad-hoc meals.

In partnership with Orion and the School Nursing Team we aim to provide healthy meals for all our children. To help us with this we ask you to provide us with details of any diagnosed allergies, food intolerances and special dietary needs and we use this to ensure your child cannot choose food that is not suitable for them. When your child starts school we will send home a list of common allergens for you to detail anything that affects them and we ask that you keep us up to date with any newly diagnosed allergies/intolerances/dietary needs. Please note that where a child has a diagnosed allergy, intolerance or dietary need we will need a letter from your child’s medical practitioner to confirm this and in extreme cases it may not always be possible to provide a school meal and parents and carers will be asked to send a suitable packed lunch from home.

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