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Worship Wonders Blog

Date: 4th Oct 2017 @ 9:27am

Welcome to the Worship Wonders' Blog.

We would like all of our Worship Wonders to take an active role in blogging on this page. We will discuss different topics throughout the year.

Your first questions this year is:


What do you enjoy about our Collective Worship in school? Please post your comments below.

Thank you, Miss Bentley.

Daniel W wrote:

i enjoy the storys in our worship because i like how a new story is told and learning something new.

Dylan H wrote:

i enjoy the story's that Mr hardaker tells us in worship.

Anna W wrote:

I think our collective worships are a very good idea because the whole school can come together and praise our beliefs and share our stories and work as a community.

Daniel W wrote:

I think worship in school is a very good thing because we can talk about God and Jesus and have lots of fun.

Anna W wrote:

I think our worships are good because we can sing brilliant song Rector will come in and play his guitar. and we can reflect on are king God.

Dylan H wrote:

We sing lovely songs and say prayers to God , learn about loving things to be kind and helpful to others. Also,we do different fun activities by learning things day by day about important things about God and Jesus and the Holy sprit .

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