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Film and TV week

Date: 29th Feb 2016 @ 5:15pm

Great start to Film and TV week. Looking forward to hearing how you answer your class questions. Reply to my blog by letting me know how you're getting on!

where getting on fine and we are really liking mary poppins wrote:

cool wrote:

good work

Olivia wrote:

Mr Hardaker we have been watching Mary Poppins.

sam critchley wrote:

Were getting on fine and were really liking mary poppins

harry wrote:

year 3 are dowing fin mr hardacer

Ella wrote:

Thankyou for asking im fine! :-) if mary poppins had no imagination then the film wouldent be relly FUNNY.

Lucy wrote:

I will love tv week. Have you enjoyed tv week?

matthew wrote:

if are imagination was not real how woud you feel like?

catrin wrote:

may poppins would not be very good with out mashanon

a.m wrote:

Imaganation is great

imagination wrote:

it might not be normel but it is great

Anna wrote:

mary poppins would be very different whith out anny imagernation.Because she would not be very pritty at all.

Amelia wrote:

It,s going on great mr Hardeaker.

liam wrote:

we have been leerning about mary poppins we also been writing are own mary popins poem

tom wrote:

I am doing very well thankyou.

Year 3 Mary Poppins Louise wrote:

This week Year 3 are learning about Mary Poppins.If you want to see me come in the classroom.

Thea Wardle year 5 wrote:

Are question
is do you need money to be happy ?
I think no because people might be poor but there still happy
And its family and friends that make us feel happy
We are watching a Muppets Christmas carol and a animated version of the Christmas carol

Benjamin wu wrote:

i am getting on very good

Sophia wade wrote:

I am enjoying learning about inside out and if we didn't have joy in side of us.

Mason :) wrote:

You're the best head teacher ever Mr. Hardaker and I'm really enjoying world book day and film + T.V week!

Mr Hardaker wrote:

Thank you to those who have replied to my blog. Really good comments everyone! Glad to find out that you are really enjoying Film and TV week. I will be visiting all classes to see the work you have done. The kites in Year 3 look really good! I'm pleased to see that you're thinking hard about your class question and spending quality time to answer it. I like the way some of you are justifying your answers. I even like the further questions you are coming up with. There has obviously been some great debate in the classrooms! By the way I think The Empire Strikes Back is the greatest movie of all time. What do you think?

Andrew wrote:

i am doing fine and i really enjoyed doing the rollercoasters and building them

sam.taylor wrote:

i am doing fine i am doing good with the rollercosters i enjoyed doing the activity.

Neve wrote:

We designed our own super hero characters and did a finger puppet show which was a bit weird. We also made videos on the ipads on veescope live of a super hero battle. And we made kryptonite with salt, water and other stuff.Now it looks like there is snow on the top!(mine and rubys is blue).

Katelin wrote:

We did superhero's in Y6 we designed and made our own finger puppets and cookies based on our own superhero's mine was called Feather Heather. We also made our own criptonite mine was yellow I enjoyed TV and Film week it was really fun.

aaron wrote:

it was a good week

jasmine appleton wrote:

i enjoyed tv and film week it was great

louisa tunstall wrote:

This week our question was, what makes a good super hero? we made super hero biscuits and then decorated them with coloured icing. we also made kryptonites.

martha harvey wrote:

i really enjoyed tv and film week it was fun.

mollie holt wrote:

year 6 were doing about super heros and we got to design our own superheros and turn them into puppets. we then got to do our own storyboard with a partner and then we went down to the green screen and turned it into a movie.

we also made our own superhero cookies we had to put our superheros inicials on them, mine was ss super sparkle. they were very yummy!!!!!!
after that we made our own kryptonite. we had to use a lollypop stick and some string when we get back from PGL we will see who's kryptonite worked.

Grace Baldwin wrote:

Film and tv week went realy well for our class and we all enjoyed the activitys.especialy world bookday

Anya Donnellan wrote:

For tv and film week year 6 were learing about superheros and we had lots of fun here is what we did.We started the week with mrs colling bringing in her teddybear supeer hero and her iniscials where MS we cant rember the full name becasuse it was very tricky words !!!!!!!
Then we made our own finger superhero puppets and made a show me and jamine worked togather and we had a great time !! Then we made our own KRIPTONITES it was amazing we used string loolipop sticks food coulring and a jar we had so much fun doing this .
After that we made our own bisuites we put th iniscials on the biscuit and iced myn taste delicous and i am sure the others did to .
After we did a green screen and was in parterns to maje a story board and brin git to life me and grace worked togahther and it was about a robery in a shop.
Finally we finished the week with making our own powerpoints it was awesome.On the weekend we chilled out rready in time for PGL.

chione creese wrote:

film and tv week was good but year6 did not get to wach anything
to do with are subject .but evrything else was realy reay fun and i thoght miss colling did a very very good job.

awsome wrote:

it was brilliant

james.lloyd wrote:

i really enjoyed doing the superhero biscuits and the thing i liked the icing on top of it and in my book my superhero was called meal man and he shooted apple pies out of his eyes and he had an enimie called super snake and he was wrecking the hole of the cities but meal man stoped him and he pushed him on to the floor and meal man said stop wrecking the cities and super snake said never and supersnake pushed him back and meal man punched him and he said next time check if im dead first

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